Hayat Rum Camp

Enjoy a Luxury Experience

Hayat rum eco-friendly luxury camp is nestled in the heart of Wadi Rum bordered by rugged mountains and the stunning Arabian desert, Hayat rum camp introduces you to a new type of luxury glamping away from the city noise and crowd,

You are invited to experience a unique way of fully surrendering to this private atmosphere, to free yourself from the burdens that is weighing your shoulders, to reconnect to the depths of your soul and to listen carefully to the sound of freedom that is calling you.

Hayat Rum Camp


Hayat Rum Camp

Activities & Services


To enjoy the spectacular views of Wadi Rum desert and the view of the mountains we offer our guests, group hiking or individual hiking escorted with a guide.


Our staff can arrange the most outstanding dining experience upon request, you can expect delicious food, wonderful hospitality and a private experience.

Jeep Safari

Taking a jeep ride in Wadi Rum Reserve is one of the many ways to explore the southern Jordanian Desert and discover its many wonders! You can choose the best time that suits you as they are arranged with different timing/durations.

Horseback Riding

Enjoy an incredible horse ride experience with our guides to make your stay even more memorable.

Camel Rides

Camels have been always been an essential part of the Bedouins’ lifestyle, so to make your stay even richer you can try camel rides in the desert of Wadi rum and smile at the camera to take a memorable picture.